Not Getting Advertised Speeds

Many factors dictate the speeds you will see over a wireless connection. Before calling Technical Support, we recommend you review the following:

Test your speed on all devices
When performing a speed test, it's recommended to use a direct connection to your laptop/desktop computer via Ethernet cable bypassing your wireless router.  When bypassing your router, please disconnect your router and wait at least 10 minutes before connecting a laptop/desktop computer directly to our Ethernet wall jack.

Please note, not all computers are capable of delivering all speeds.

To get accurate results, please ensure your browser does not have multiple tabs open and that your computer/device does not have programs running in the background.

Wireless Routers
Quality of your wireless router will affect your speed. To get the very best performance please use a listed router or purchase a router that meets our minimum specifications. If you haven’t already, please visit our article Wireless Router Recommendations.

Personal Devices (Laptop, Tablets, etc.)
To receive optimum speeds, you will need devices that support Dual Band AC and are connected to your 5ghz Wi-Fi network.

If you are not sure if your device is capable, simply go to the Wi-Fi settings on your device and see if your network is listed twice, once by its name and second by its name followed by “5ghz”. (Example: Joe’s Wi-Fi network, Joe’s Wi-Fi network 5ghz) If there is no 5ghz option, your device is not Dual Band AC capable and you will see significantly reduced speeds over wireless. Neighboring wireless routers may be sharing the same wireless channel which can create bandwidth limitations and hinder performance.

Note: If you have a Dual Band AC router and your computer and/or laptop does not support Dual Band AC wireless, you can upgrade the computer to support Dual Band AC by purchasing a USB adapter. Dual Band AC USB adapters can be purchased at a number of retailers, including online retailers such as

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